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Van DeadLock

We have an exclusive range of Van DeadLocks suitable for all van makes and models available in the UK.

Nationwide Fitting
Uplock on cabs,
side and rear doors
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security experts

About our DeadLocks

Providing only the very highest quality locks and security accessories. Ed-Lock offers a nationwide lock fitting service for your van or fleet at the location of your choice; protecting your vehicle, without it being off the road and saving your business from any losses. We always use a member of our dedicated, in-house team helping us to confidently guarantee all our installations, labour and parts for 2 years.

What is a Deadlock?

Van DeadLocks are a mechanical lock requiring the tradesperson to physically lock or unlock using a key. This locking system engages a straight bolt, which locks into the opposing body section and operates independently of the manufacturers lock system, providing an added level of extra security. As an added bonus, these locks cannot be opened from the inside, preventing thieves from breaking the window and attempting to gain access via this route.

DeadLocks can be implemented onto any type of door whether that be driver, passenger, side or rear.

Who are these Ideal for?

DeadLocks are ideal for any tradesperson who requires infrequent access to their van throughout the day, or who would like the option of added security when leaving their vehicle in an unsafe place.

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