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Hook Locks

Improve your van door security with hook locks, designed and developed exclusively by ED-Lock.

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About Hook Locks From ED-Lock

Security hook locks are very similar in design to deadlocks for vans. However, hook locks are the latest generation for locking security for your commercial vehicles. The strong locking mechanism has a hook-shaped bolt instead of a straight bolt that latches onto a receiver in the other door. The unique hooking action of hook locks makes it the perfect security lock for van sliding doors or other commercial vehicles’ rear doors. Hook locks have been proven to be the latest advancement in preventing criminals from peeling and prying van doors open, so they can get access to your valuable equipment.


Looking for an industry-leading van security lock? Then look no further than hook locks from ED-Lock. These effective van locks can be fitted to a wide variety of commercial vehicle manufacturers and models. Hook locks are expertly installed by us to the vulnerable locations of your vehicle such as the side sliding doors and rear doors that are frequently targeted by thieves. When you choose ED-Lock for your hook lock services we will install these locking systems to the original lock locations for minimal intrusion into your commercial vehicles.

The Benefits Of Hook Locks From ED-Lock

Are you looking to take your vehicle security to the next level? Or stop petty criminals from helping themselves to your hard-earned tools? Then ED-Lock’s van lock components are right for you! Each hook lock is constructed from solid stainless steel for improved integrity of your locking components. Not only does a hook locks stainless steel finish act as a visual deterrent for theft but it is also able to withstand direct impact from physical attacks from drilling and levering attempts. Hook locks are an impenetrable van security solution to restore your peace of mind.


Here at ED-Lock, we pride ourselves on providing the best installation services for all hook door locks. Most standard suppliers fit their hook locks using basic rivets that are fundamentally weak, however, we ensure all hook lock installations are fitted independently to the original locking systems using industry-standard bolts for increased security. If that wasn’t enough, each hook lock for your vehicle door comes with additional high-security dimple keys as standard. Making sure that only criminals are locked out of your high-security van.

Specific fixings and brackets provide a bespoke installation with the most securest mount possible for each vehicle model and door

*They are also available for all cab doors, except Citröen Berlingo, Dispatch & Nemo, Fiat Fiorino, Ford Courier, Transit Custom, Transit Mk8, Nissan NV 200 & 250, Peugeot Partner, Expert & Bipper, Toyota Proace, Vauxhall Vivaro 19 plate onwards, Volkswagen Caddy, T5 & T6.

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    Both dead and hook locks provide a high level of security for your commercial vehicles. However, a van hook lock will provide a better level of security as it prevents your van doors from being peeled or pulled apart by thieves.

    Yes, hook locks can be used on vans as an additional security measure to deter theft and break-ins. However, it’s important to ensure that the lock is compatible with the specific make and model of a van before purchasing.

    Yes, hook locks can be used in conjunction with other security measures such as alarm systems and steering wheel locks to provide an added level of protection for the van.

    It depends on the specific lock and its design. Some hook locks are designed specifically for use on sliding doors, while others are intended for use on traditional hinged doors. It’s important to check the product information or consult the manufacturer before purchasing to ensure compatibility with sliding doors.