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Protect your commercial vehicles’ vulnerable components with ArmaPlates van security shields!

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ArmaPlate’s Door Security Plates

Armaplate’s van lock security shields are a unique and patented design which have been proven to add an extra layer of vehicle protection. They work by completely encasing a commercial vehicle’s vulnerable locking mechanisms in solid construction stainless steel. Despite their sleek aesthetic, they are extremely tough, making them an effective vehicle theft deterrent.


Vehicle security and safety are paramount for tradesmen. That’s why ArmaPlate van lock cover plates form a three-layer protection system that fits over the doorlock and/or the door handle of most commercial van brands/makes. In addition to the external lock plate cover, there are further lock plates on the internal side of the van. To ensure maximum van security, ED-Lock bonds the 3-tiered cover plates together using 10mm Locknuts.

ArmaPlates are one of the best lock plates for van doors and are an effective deterrent for criminals looking to gain forced entry into your commercial vehicles. Prevent damage to your vehicles or loss of your equipment today and choose ED-Lock for all ArmaPlate installations!


The Benefits Of Choosing ArmaPlates

Between 2021 and 2022 there have been a reported 108,542 vehicle thefts across England & Wales. This number is expected to rise in the following years. Protect your commercial vehicles today with ED-Locks ArmaPlate security solutions!

ArmaPlates are highly effective at protecting vulnerable areas around your commercial vehicles’ locks and door handles. The solid stainless-steel plate design has been proven to increase strength and integrity around your van’s weak locking mechanisms. This door lock cover plate is lever resistant due to its flush design and drill resistant due to solid construction processes.


As well as providing the best door lock cover plates within the market, ArmaPlates has the added benefit of acting as a repair solution if a theft attack has already taken place on your vehicle. In most cases after a vehicle break-in, you’d be left with an expensive repair bill from your local body shop. Instead, why not fit an ArmaPlate? This will effectively repair any existing damage and have the added benefit of preventing the same event from happening again!

Our ArmaPlate solutions will give you added peace of mind whether you’re a tradesman, or just looking to keep your van safe, ED-Lock are able to provide the best vehicle security services for you!


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    ArmaPlates can be used as a repair option for existing damage to your vehicle from criminal activity. This can save you hundreds on your repair bills from regular body shops. Likewise, ArmaPlates can be used as a preventative measure to deter criminals from attempting to forcefully enter your commercial vans as its 3-tiered solid steel design fits flush against locking mechanisms. Whether you need to protect or repair, ArmaPlates from ED-Lock are a great security measure. 

    All tradesmen from plumbers, electricians, builders and engineers to mechanics and locksmiths, would benefit from having ArmaPlate installation on their vans. Door cover plates like the ArmaPlate Guardian would benefit these tradesmen and protect their valuable tools and equipment. This can help prevent having to face the replacement cost of tools (that always outweighs the cost of installing an ArmaPlate). So why not contact ED-Lock and know your van is secured at all times?

    Our ArmaPlate solutions are compatible with all van types and models. We’ve worked on a wide range of brands such as Iveco & Mercedes-Benz and will cater our van lock plates to meet your vehicle requirements. 

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