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About ProPlates From ED-Lock

ProPlates are leading van lock protection plates that provide comprehensive protection to commercial vehicles locking mechanisms. This clever door security plate provides specific protection to the back of the OE lock which is targeted by thieves with a screwdriver which mimics the action of a key being turned when turned.

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Despite its sleek and minimalistic design, ProPlates are extremely durable and have built-in anti-drilling and lever technology; making ProPlate installation an effective theft deterrent from most petty criminals. 

Do you need security plates for your door locks as a tradesman? ProPlate cover shields are the right security solution for you! For commercial vehicle owners and fleet operators, ProPlate installations provide a cost-effective means of increasing security. A stainless steel ProPlate does not require drilling and can be expertly installed by our team of ED-Lock professionals with minimal intrusion to your vehicle.


Take the first step in improving the security of your van today! we offer a bespoke ProPlate installation service at competitive rates. We even offer interest-free financing options for all customers.

The Benefits Of ProPlate Installation From ED-Lock

In recent years there has been a spike in vehicle thefts and break-ins as petty thieves become more and more desperate. Between 2021 & 2022 alone, there were an estimated 108,542 vehicle thefts across England and Wales. That’s why ED-Lock provides a fully comprehensive ProPlate installation service for your commercial fleet.


ProPlate clever range of innovative van lock protection plates is designed to provide 360 protection to your door handles and vulnerable locking mechanisms. A clear benefit of ProPlate installations is the increased security of the locks and handles of your vehicle. ProPlates are also a very effective visual deterrent as thieves will see this door lock cover plate and avoid the hassle of trying to gain access to your hard-earned tools. 

Furthermore, installing ProPlates on your vans can save you hundreds on your repair bills. ProPlate protection covers can be used as a form of re-securing your vans and vehicles that have already been targeted by theft. Why not restore your peace of mind and choose ED-Lock for all your ProPlate installation solutions?


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