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Roof Vents

Control the air and temperature in your van with our wide range of roof vents. Quick and easy-to-install, our roof vents can help circulate fresh air into your van without you having to constantly open the windows. Shop our cost-effective range today!

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Van Roof Vents

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    Complete Vehicle Security from Ed-Lock

    As well as a range of roof vents, Ed-Lock offer an extensive range of vehicle security products, so you can have a truly bespoke security package for your vehicle. Shop from our range, including locks & handles, plates & guards, beacons & lighting, and more.

    We also offer professional fitting; and with over 25 years experience, you can be safe in the knowledge that your components are being installed by security experts.

    With 2 years warranty on parts and labour, we make sure each vehicle lock is installed to the highest standards, ensuring heightened protection and security to your vehicle, particularly the load area. We supply and fit only the best van locks and vehicle locking systems available on the market.


    Why Choose Ed-Lock?

    At Ed-Lock, we don’t just sell any product; we’re security experts with over 25 years experience, so we know that the products we sell are of the best quality. Our specialists carefully select which products we stock, and they can assist you with all your commercial vehicle beacon lighting needs. 

    We also offer interest-free financing, which includes no-fee payment plans and 0% APR, so you can easily spread the cost of your purchase. Our nationwide fitters can also assist you with security locks, towbars and alarms, and component protection. So, whatever you’re looking for, Ed-Lock can help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Roof vents should be installed near the roof peak to allow for the best air flow and minimal maintenance. A professional installation service provider will be able to install your roof vents in the best place for your van.

    Roof vents are easy to install and can last for years with few moving parts. The vent can circulate air when the vehicle is moving or while it’s sitting still. A roof vent for vans helps to: Extract fumes, gases and stale air from vans as this is critical for driver and passenger health, comfort and safety.

    The most effective way to reduce condensation is ventilation. Proper ventilation can sometimes be difficult in colder climates, but it’s a good idea to install a rooftop vent fan to improve ventilation.